In LOVATO the Quality is finalized to the Client to fully satisfy its demands, its expectations.

Every person in LOVATO  has an active and aware role to pursue this goal actively sustaining the business politics oriented to the Quality.

Our success depend to the awareness and to the predisposition to work for customer service.

• In LOVATO we pay the maximum attention to individualize and to satisfy the demands of the Clients and to the protection of the environment.

• We maintain updated the operational methodologies

• We develop our productive abilities through a continuous control and improvement of the equipments and the infrastructures.

•We respect the national and international legislations in force for the sector in which we operate, with particular reference to the protection of the environment

•We check and we qualify our suppliers of products and services checking the operational activities in relationship to the necessities

For us talk about Quality is a daily routine, advantage for the products and for the solutions we offer in the markets


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ISO 9001:2015

For the extremely competitive market the ISO 9001:2015 certification is the necessary requisite we have identify

The application of the norm ISO 9001:2015, through an optimization of the internal  management system promotes the continuous improvement of the business performances and  increase the competitiveness of it on the market.

In a global market  highly competitive the safety and the quality of the products have become a priority all over the world  and they represent important distinctive elements for our sector. For this LOVATO  is certified TÜV