NEW DHW producer module - LOVATO T-FAST “MINI”

DHW producer module – LOVATO T-FAST “MINI”.

Saving Energy, easy installation and use, safe and quality Lovato.

Instantaneous producer of DHW suitable for terrace house and block of flat, the new space-saving “MINI” offers very low consumption and high performance.

Ultra-compact: only 330 mm width, 450 height amd 120 depth, no other one module is so small but so performing.

Wall-hung and “NO FRAME” built-in versions make it flexible and suitable for differente context.

T-FAST MINI offers the possibility to install the secondary return kit and an heat meter, useful for block of flats context where is really important to monitorized the consumption.

We have asked to our engineer the maximum power into the minimum space, it’s MINI


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